We have a great selection of products, and to ensure you get your favorites, place an order ahead of time!  Orders placed by Wednesdays at 4 pm will be available for pickup during our extended hours on Friday.

Place orders by text, phone, email, or in person during our walk in hours.



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Orders — 2 Comments

  1. Hi. Just picked up one (the only cookie they had from you) of your “Be’ry Fruitee Oatmeal” cookies at the store next door today, Sat the 31 of May and really liked it. Went online to see what other cookies you might offer, but find that there is not a complete product list to order from here. YOU NEED THAT! Anyway, I would like to ORDER A DOZEN OF THE fRUITEE OATMEAL COOKIES. COULD YOU PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU RECEIVED THIS AND HOW MUCH THAT WOULD BE AND WHEN I COULD PICK THEM UP? Thanks from, Kathy

    • They are normally $1.75 each and we could have them any day that we are open this week Wednesday through Friday or at the farmers market on Saturday. Ordering a dozen we would give you a 10% discount and you would not have to pay the sales tax.
      Other cookies are Molassas, peanut butter, chocolate chip, monster cookie, Everything But cookie, Dutch Almondee, and rice crispy treat. We also have a chocolate cookie and several different varieties of brownies.

      Sorry we did not see your post sooner. We get a lot of spam.