Gourmet Granola

We have more than 30 different gourmet varieties!

All flavors are made with whole, natural ingredients and sweetened with pure honey (no sugar added).  Come in and try a sample today!

Here are our flavors:


  1. Almond Cranberry Granola
  2. Almond Joy Granola
  3. Almond Raisin Granola
  4. Autumn Pumpkin Granola
  5. Brandy Fruit granola
  6. Butter Pecan Granola
  7. Caramel apple Granola
  8. Carmel Corn Granola
  9. Cherry Vanilla Granola
  10. Chocolate Cherry Granola
  11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup GF
  12. Chocolate Peppermint Granola
  13. Country Apple Raisin granola
  14. Cran-Apple granola
  15. Date Pecan Granola
  16. Dutch Cocoa Granola
  17. Gingerbread Man Granola
  18. Honey Lemon Blueberry granola
  19. Jamoca Hazelnut Granola
  20. Jolt Coffee Almond Granola
  21. Key Lime Pie Granola
  22. Michigan Cherry ‘n’ Cocoa Granola
  23. Multi-fruit Granola
  24. Orange Cranberry granola
  25. Peaches ‘N’ Cream Granola
  26. Peanut Puff Granola
  27. Pistachio Pudding Granola
  28. Rocky Road Sundae Granola
  29. Simply Granola
  30. Snickerdoodle Granola
  31. Spumoni Granola
  32. Tropical Granola
  33. Very Berry Granola GF DF NF
  34. Very Cherry Granola DF GF