Gluten Free Breads

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    Angel Bread
    This light and fluffy bread is flexible and worthy of toasting and adding your favorite spread. Great for sandwiches, and doesn't fall apart on the first bite!
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    Harvestee Bun
    Our Harvestee roll is packed with omega-3s, and this is a hearty roll, great used as a gourmet bun or dipped in your favorite soup. It tastes as great as it looks!
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    Biscuit Bun
    This is a biscuit or a bun, you choose! Sliced it will wrap your stacked hamburger with ease, and hold together to the last bite! If you need biscuits and gravy, this is your biscuit...


Gluten Free Breads — 2 Comments

  1. Missed you at the Columbus Farmers Market this Saturday. Is there anywhere I can buy your bread other than at the farmers market? Thanks, Lee

    • Thank you! My breads can be ordered directly by emailing us at free2b.naturalee or calling 812-341-8070. You can then pick up your order at our home or at Double Oak Farm on Washington.